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These amazing students made the most of the PT services! Kudos and great luck for the future...
And a special thanks to all parents who helped their kids utilise the PT and Bodhi Booster portals

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Namaste sir whenever i see your video one thing i always feel that i get very very useful knowledge. I am not aspirant of upsc or others exam but i think your way of giving knowledge is fantastic and brings lots of confidence in this information and digital era. thanks a lot sir. Big respect to u.
- Pushpanshu, Kanpur, September 2017

I am a marine engineering student and a regular viewer of Sandeep Manudhane sir videos. He is an extraordinary personality that I have ever seen in my life . The vast ocean of knowledge he has is spell bounding. Some times I imagine how can a person have so much knowledge in almost every field . The way he teaches is amazing. I have a dream to meet this great person some day and share my views with him. A man full of energy and enthusiasm. A big salute to you sir. I think PT education should collaborate with Unacademy , which will surely bring a revolution in the education sector.
- Saurabh Singh, Kolkata, September 2017

I am not preparing for civil services but the things that are happening in our country and in the whole world must be known to every Indian. This portal provides these type of things. I am preparing for engineering services and watch current affairs regularly. The way sir presents all the news is fantastic and its a great help by you sir. Thank you very much sir.
- Ravi Kumar Yadav, Allahabad, August 2017

I am preparing for bank po.i watched some videos i.e. vocabulary,quant from last two years level of bank exam has been changed drastically.all these videos will surely help aspirants.
- Abhishek Mishra, Ahmedabad, August 2017,,
Namaste and welcome to here I am to write my Experience with PT, so beyond any question it's been great experience.Today if any one of the students wants to dive into the ocean of good knowledge, i will recommend him or her PT EDUCATION and it's just because my hero Respected SANDEEP SIr. Seriously you deserve the cap of the best teacher we have today.Well i am learning a lot. Thanks sir.May you live a healthy,wealthy and a long life..keep spreading your knowledge.
- Mohit Sharma, Delhi, August 2017

Namaste sir, i am here to express my gratitude for pt education. your vocabulary and confidence booster sessions are very helpful for us. your all sessions are beneficial not only in enhancing our subject knowledge but also in all round development of the personality. you ask questions, give us many important points to think about and your sense of humor make the teaching learning process interesting and effective. i came to know about sandeep sir from mohit sir who is a very good English teacher and ardent follower of sandeep sir. he has written many testimonials so far. so thank u so much to all for giving me a way to walk on for better learning. sandeep sir you are my inspiration. team of pt education doing a peerless job for all of us. thanks a billion.
- Sakshi Goswami, New Delhi, August 2017

PT Education is the best online platform for distance learning. The way Sir Sandeep teaches bears no parallel. I am very thankful to PT Education for such an amazing job and helping the students all over the world in the most blessing manner. Thanks!
- Aftab Ullah, Peshawar, August 2017,,
Sandeep sir is Awesome!! His style of teaching is great. Whenever i listen to him, I feel energized with full of zeal and enthusiasm. I saw his video of hinduism and was mesmerized, the power of 10 series is great. Thank you.
- Aman Gautam, Mumbai, August 2017

First of all I would like to say that Pt IAS academy is incredible Pt knowledge booster increase my knowledge it's team work is significant I specially thanks to well Experienced Sandeep sir after I saw bodhi booster it increase my confidence for learn English now my day start with bodhi booster and day end with Pt knowledge booster I m very inspired by tag line KAR k dikhayege I want to say that it,s very useful for the last person who want to achieve something in his career please keep it up because ur deep knowledge and experience is very useful for us thank u & love u whole PT's education team for tremendous dedication.
- Abhishek Chaurasiya, Jhansi, Barwasagar, July 2017

Respected Sandeep Sir and the whole team, i want to express my thanks for giving me a sublime experience of learning. i have found a great way to learn with PT Education. i am very glad to be a student of knowledge booster. Sandeep sir has ingenuity of teaching. he is the most perspicacious person i came across. and the course of pt education is the epitome of systematic learning. please keep on boosting our knowledge and confidence. thank you so much sir...
- Sakshi Goswami, New Delhi, July 2017

First of all I would like to say good morning to the respected teachers, parents and my dear friends. I would like to speech on the importance of education which is must to know by all of us. Education plays a great role in the life of everyone all through the life. Getting proper education is very necessary to get success and happy life just like food is necessary for healthy body. It is very important to live luxurious and better life. It develops personality of the people, provides physical and mental standard and transforms people’s living status. It promotes the feeling of physical, mental and social well being by providing better life. Good education is constructive in nature which constructs our future forever. It helps a person to improve his/her status of mind, body and spirit. It provides us lots of confidence by giving us bulk of knowledge in many field. It is a single and vital way to the success as well as personal growth. Thanks . Sandeep Sir
- Raj Rana, Jhargram, July 2017,,
Sir, pranam sir you are great human. your lecture are very very beneficial in our life. love u PT's academy.
- Sachin Kushwah, Indore, July 2017,,
The Journey I started with PT Education is amazing!!! I am very much thankful to Mr. Manudhane sir. The lesson of life I learned from him is sagacious. I like all the content, style of presentation, connecting the dots thing, K.I.S.S rule, in fact every lecture is beautiful and prepared with great care. The most beautiful word i learned from you is "Ascetic". Thank You sir.
- Hitesh Kathiriya, Ahmedabad, June 2017,,
Love the way you teach sir, I just want to inquire about how can anyone join PT ias acadmy if he/she can't afford that much. Thank you sir for your teaching
- Anirudh Jain, jaipur, June 2017,,
Despite being online , sir , your method of teaching is as real as it can get . We can almost feel the student teacher relationship in person , the way we are rebuked at times and extolled at the others, is simply how a teaching should be ( that mirrors a true dedication of a teacher ) . With the declining quality of education and lethargy adopted by most of the students and some teachers , i believe that this ''carrot and stick '' approach shall revive the Indian Education . Thank you sir for diversifying our knowledge base and making us grow 3-Dimensionally in this expanding universe and shrinking opportunities in this fiercely competitive era where fierceness is exponentially increasing with every passing Planck's instant .
- Prashant Singh, GHAZIABAD, June 2017,,
Pt education is the best institute for successive for future and it's faculty are very good
- Vinod kumar, Madhavan (Mathura), June 2017,,
It's been around two years from the date when I first came across PT Education's Ocean of knowledge. First i started with Bodhi News series and developed an article reading habit which i generally skip before. Then Vocabulary Booster and Current Affair boosters has given me immense confidence to face any Interview and Discussions. Video lectures on Hinduism has reopened the windows in my mind to understand deep thought inside faith and belief so that I could view everything logically. Your other lectures videos are also equally awesome. Utilising the wisdom i have gained here I cracked a job interview and successfully participated in a state level leadership meet. Thank you PT.
- Chiranjibi Biswal, Sambalpur, June 2017,,
Namaste and welcome to testimonial. Dear sir,thanks for coming back after a gap ,and yes you have added another feather in your cap by gifting us with quiz session.It will surely help us a is needless to say that teachers or educationist like you are the real heroes of our society who contribute a lion's share of the knowledge in shaping the future of the students. Dear sir, i salute you from the core of my heart, and the day i happened to see you on you tube happens to be my most fortunate day.. Thanks a lot..
- Mohit Sharma, Delhi, June 2017,,
Just a look of sandeep sir is enough to made my day.. Sir you are like energy cascade for us.. Your sense of humor and the way you explain any damn complicated topic soo smoothly and simply to us is really appreciable.. Special thanks to team PT for putting such a high efforts.. Thanks again sandeep sir.. Jai hind..
- Rohit Joshi, Kolhapur, May 2017,,
An apple a day may keep the doctor away,but what should I eat to make awesome teachers like you,always come my way???Today's education system lack gurus like you sir.You are such a bhandaar of knowledge and the way you explain things is peerless.My day starts with words of wisdom provided by you..And bodhi resources provided by your team is stupendous.Hats off to the efforts of Sandeep sir and team.May god give you great health and long life sir...Thank you
- Pooja Sudheesh, Kerala, May 2017,,
Dear sir, let me smile a big thank here, I felt it worthwhile to write this for you and your team. You are doing a great job sir. I have already written a testimonial and it felt very good to see myself on air.Respected sir the way you have created a bond or rapport with the students is really very good and the credit goes to your lifelong toiling and dedication in the field of education,the way you connect the dots and ask us to do the same is very helpful. Dear sir I wanna make a request please come frequently with vocabulary booster too along with confidence booster. Well thanks a million for the endeavors you have made. I wish your vision unfolds the way you want. Thanks sir ...Thanks the whole team..
- Mohit Sharma, Delhi, May 2017,,
Hello sir , it's been an honor for me to come to know about you and your team. I feel really grateful that our country produces great teachers like you. I was losing hope by watching the current education system lacking its ability to beget the zest and motive in students for the learning. But because of teachers and mentors like you, i can assure people that we still Indians have the talent to become the global power and that can be only possible if we will fully use our economic dividend and this can be done by people like you only. I wish all the best for you and your team. thank you and yeah ... KAR KE DIKHAYENGE.
- Manthan Sehgal, Delhi, May 2017,,
Sir thank you soo much ..itni sari knowledge dene ke liye.. jitna humen apse shikha hai .. world geo politicies syad utna ache se koi nhi samja paya.. main delhi me gaya vision ias, drishti ias chankaya ias ki choching ke demo liye.. but jitna acha explaination apka hai utna pure delhi me me kisi v teacher ka nhi... And thanks again.
- Krishna Gupta, Kanpur, May 2017,,
Thank you so much sir for your great initiative...It is helping me alot .. It's you who make me confident how to read vocabulary and ofcourse the way you teaching whole things put in a single place...I love it...
- Rakesh Kumar Mandal, Ranchi, May 2017,,
Dear sir I watch your videos before four month dear sir your teaching very very great so i thankyou for great teaching and bodhi booster team
- Balwinder Singh, Kotli Kalan, May 2017,,
My aquaintance with pt education started in 2015 when i subscribed this channel on you tube. since then, i have learnt a lot of things and still learning. let me tell you ,the teaching skills and techniques of sandeep sir is unparallel . i take it as blessing from god that i came to know about pt. be it vocab booster or confidence booster to bodhi pratham, all the lectures are compiled in best way.i would recommend every aspirant to grab this wonderful opportunity to learn with sandeep sir (one of the brilliant minds in the coutry). also i would like to thanks pt education for doing such a great job .It will be immense help to those who can't afford such a quality education due to financial crunch.keep it up! thanking you
- Deepanshu Singh, New Delhi, May 2017,,
The resource persons of the PT are so dedicated and technically sound. I eagerly wait for the English language sections. They are wonderfully crafted. I am a teacher. I use the free material available on youtube. I am a big fan of Mr. Sandeep. I congratulate PT Education for their wonderful lessons!
- Ramashish Sharma, Bokaro Steel City, May 2017,,
PT education services helped me to enhance my vocabulary skill and confidence booster helped in keeping a track on current affairs, Sir you are like a guide to me thank you very much sir ,you are superb i never get board when i see your session .Sir you have given me a direction to approach a new way of learning as (Every wind seems to be right, if the ship does not know its direction) and you have given me the direction. PT education is a kind of revolution in education thank you very much sir ......kar ke dikhayenge
- Preksha, Jabalpur, May 2017,,
Dear sir and the whole team,its my utmost pleasure to thank you for this great booster series,it will not only enhance our vocabulary but also enrich us with a lot of extra knowledge. Hats off to you sir..Its needless to say that your way of explaining the things is one of the vital reasons to be here on Pt education. I with great excitement wait for your all upcoming sessions..please keep on coming...keep on helping u..keep on motivating us with your words of wisdom..keep on enhancing us..thank you so much Sandeep sir...I wish i would see you someday.
- Mohit Sharma, Delhi, May 2017,,
My friend had suggested me about P.T. education. I am very thankful to entire p.t. team who is giving such a good knowledge with all details and of entire world .I am very much sure that in coming days p.t. will benefit all the students who are financially weak I had requested to my ex principal of school to tell about P.T. to class 12 th students so that they can be benefited. Thank you p.t. for u efforts
- Vikal Ahlawat, Delhi, May 2017,,
Acharya Devo Bhava! One may doubt the success of Team India(hope it should thrive) but never ever Team PT under the guidance of our polymath, a walking (talking/teaching) encyclopedia-Sandeep Sir. You are the best.Fortunate enough to come across PT and dive in,to enrich ourselves. Hope you continue,we continue and all together PTzens Kar ke dikhayenge!
- Shireesha Y, Warangal, May 2017,,
Great effort, can not be described by words, My good wishes to all team members and volunteers who are giving their dedicated time in making this success.
- Deepak Kalyanshetti, Pune, May 2017,,
I am an IAS officer belonging to 1986 batch. My sons, who have completed their Engineering, are preparing for Civil Services (IAS) Examination. For enhancing their English Language skills, I was searching You Tube. Suddenly, I discovered Mr Sandeep Manudhane's lectures in You Tube. He is an exceptionally experienced and talented Speaker, who has been gifted with the ability to convey in simple expressions. His method of teaching enables Students learn as easily as fish takes to water. A serious student is not at all burdened. On the other hand, it is sheer pleasure drawing out the content from Sri Sandeep. Sri Sandeep's exceptional depth of any subject that he handles is simply superb. I wish him all Success! God bless him with his continuing efforts to enable students prepare for various competitive examinations. God bless you Sir!
- KJBV Subrahmanyam, Hyderabad, April 2017,,
My day starts with Bodhi Booster portal and day ends with PT Education Knowledge portal. Pranam Sandeep Sir.
- Mayank Mishra, Bhilai, April 2017,,
Very useful learnt a lot from here. Looking forward to learn more!
- Susanta Shaw, Howrah, April 2017,,
Helo Sir, myself Rajat Khandelwal.. I have been watching your Booster videos. you are truly amazing sir and your way of teaching is superb.. I haven't got bored by your lectures videos ... Your sense of humour is damn good sir .. and thanku so very much for providing such videos..!!!
- Rajat Khandelwal, Gwalior, April 2017,,
Good Morning Sir, I really appreciate your approach to make student dynamically talented that they cannot lag in any part of exam. I thank you and insist you to continue this vocab section.
- Yatish Sharma, Kalyan, Thane, Mumbai, April 2017,,
Nowadays, i start my day with ur quiz sessions and this give me confidence to be energetic whole day along.. Manudhane sir,आपके इस कार्य की प्रशंसा को शब्दों में अलंकृत कर पाना कठिन है ! PT की team के मेरे सभी भाई बहिनों का बहुत बहुत आभार । LOVE U ALL ❤️
- Deepak Godara, Pilibangan, April 2017,,
I am starting preprasation for UPSC. and support for PT IAS Academy I hope very positive result in futures time. thanks you all PT IAS Academy team. thank you very much sir.
- Kumar Prince, New Delhi, April 2017,,
I have been using your knowledge portal for long time. Its very helpful and easy to understand bcoz of bilingual and also hilarious. Now a day technology is a big game changer for youth specially you re using it for very good purpose. I am glad to be part of it and thanks a lot for doing this kind of effort for kind of people like me. I wish you do a lot of work like this to build a nation great and glorious. Jay Hind , Jay Bharat
- Ashwini Rajwansh Uikey, Bhopal, April 2017,,
I'm learning GA/GK through Confidence Booster and I'm learning words through Vocabulary Booster but most importantly, I'm learning how to be a gentleman from Sandeep sir! The lessons of life and tips which he keeps​ giving in the middle of his lectures are helping me become a decorous person. THANKS!
- Piyush Tiwari, Indore, April 2017,,
Type of teaching procedure is so good to understand.
- Raghu Nath Ojha, Balasore, April 2017,,
Dear sir first of all thank you very much for starting CB and VB series. your way of teaching is very unique which doesn't let anyone to loose attention and this is the reason i always wait for your videos. your content is really very helpful for all kinds of exams. everything is systematic and coherent. i really appreciate your hardwork, please continue further flashing your light of knowledge on us. feeling blessed.
- Nikhil Raj, Indore, April 2017,,
I just wanted to thank to PT Education and whole team. My life is quite happy, calm, and fulfilling now. I really do not think I could have achieved this without your wisdom and caring. There have been so many barriers that I have crossed with your guidance. I still have some to get over, but many of the lifelong barriers are behind me now. You have a wonderful gift, the gift of healing.
- Ravindra Kushwah, Gwalior, April 2017,,
Speechless! the excellent teaching.
- Narender Laxman Edunoori, Mumbai, April 2017,,
I enrolled for the SureShot 30x30x30 course to prepare for my GD-PI. What a course. Probably the most comprehensive preparation module I came across. The inputs were so helpful. I used so many stats and facts in my actual GDs. The best part about the module was the fact that it wasn't boring at all. In fact, it was so interesting that even my father joined me to watch the videos! Thank you so much Sandeep Sir and PT Education. I'm joining XLRI Jamshedpur and one of the reasons behind it is SureShot. All the best to all future aspirants. Hope you make the full use of courses like these. You don't come across them very often!
- Bhavya Desai, Kolkata, April 2017,,
I have appeared in 2017 competitive civil services exams of Pakistan. Sir I am greatly thankful to you for your constructive knowledgeable lectures especially at world war and multiple lectures of vocabulary. Your lectures helped me massively especially in my final days. Sir you are doing a great job and you will be always in my prayers. May God bless you and your team. Yours Sincerely Mian Furqan Niaz
- Mian Furqan Niaz, Faisalabad Punjab, April 2017,,
A very Big thank you to PT Education for providing such vast knowledge like an encyclopedia (free of cost) and special thanks to Sandeep Manudhane Sir for his teaching skills that really clears all the concepts and also motivates me all the time.
- Mukesh Singh, New Delhi, April 2017,,
Sandeep sir is the best teacher that I ever saw. He is the man of complete knowledge & also a fantastic orator with deep understanding of every issue with connecting dots and explaining every issue very simply makes him a fantastic teacher. sir, just want to say I love you.
- Babul Behera, Bhubaneswar, April 2017,,
Nice experience with PT and thanks all of them for guidance .
- Bagesh Chandra Sharma, Lucknow, April 2017,,
It is a great way to learn about topics ranging from current affairs to everything that we should know about the world history. The insights like what we have borrowed from Israel etc show the depth of knowledge we should go for. I love the way Sandeep sir relates every news to either history of the country or something that happened elsewhere. Though I am not seriously preparing for some exam, the video instills an eagerness to search for these topics. Somebody putting in so much time and dedication is simply great!!!
- Santosh Chouhan, Raipur, April 2017,,
Very Good new Initiative like a superfast news we see in morning. Quiz makes it more interesting and informative.
- Rahul Sharma, Indore, April 2017,,
I love this session. the way you are educate us is excellent... i am lucky to have you sir..i saw your many lecture and i followed you since 2 years with various platform twitter, quora and your blog bright i have read your many article as well. thank you so much for giving me learning experience like this that i never had before..sir if possible make lecture like: reasoning, maths and general science. if you have any other option to regarding this lecture....please guide me... respect your sir....
- Sushant Panka, Raipur, April 2017,,
It's very helpful and providing such a vast knowledge which is also free of cost. I had suggested this to many friends. Thank you sir for your hard efforts and I am sure many students will be successful by your efforts.
- Ashish Dahiya, Delhi, April 2017,,
Both new initiative Vocabulary Booster and Confidence Booster along with your previous initiatives like Bodhi Booster, Bodhi Saar and Knowledge Booster, are fantastic. I really enjoy all these services. Thank you so much! I love u Sir g!
- Aditya Raj, Gopalganj, April 2017,,
PT education, a portal for which i would say Wowwwwwwwww! From the time being I watched the first lecture on Youtube, I found it useful and boosted up my confidence to completely devote my time for study. Prior to this I was working as Business Analyst in Indore and parallely preparing for IAS 2018. I like the video lectures giving full explanation in proper sequence. Best lecture has been Housing Crisis, which gave me a big placement opportunity in FIIT JEE. Credit goes to Sandeep Manudhane sir for all the efforts for students like me who can not afford coaching but still wish to Do . I will do-"KAR KE DIKHAYENGE" Thank you so much PT Education team!
- Navneet Kumar, Gaya, April 2017,,
'P'lethora of knowledge 'T'opaz of wisdom 'E'legance in presentation 'D'edication prevails eternal 'U'topia of excellence 'C'ulture of sincerity 'A'roma of intellectuals 'T'ransforming lives 'I'nstinct to be triumphant 'O'ver all odds 'N'ever say 'Never'....
- Hrishikesh Padhye, Umaria, April 2017,,
I am feeling very excited while going through the lectures of Manudhane sir that feels like the words emerges from him and penetrate to my mind! Very fantastic way of learning I got from PT education and want to join with that as early. And the slogan "KAR KE DIKHAYENGE" is a very inspirational fabulous line......thanks sir & PT education !
- Saumyaranjan Parida, Dhenkanal, Odisha, April 2017,,
My experience is very awesome! I love the pdf files and Confidence Booster module and i hope when PT's IAS Academy is giving so much in free than they must provide general studies videos also like this. Though the videos are great but try more to make them UPSC oriented. This is great step towards needy and knowledge hungry aspirants. Thanks!
- Aditya Sharma, Gwalior, April 2017
What an amazing journey it was and what a great communicator Sandeep Sir is ! I got a 360 degree view on each topic discussed and that too in just 30 minutes. Great work team PT. I hope team PT will come up with more such insightful and interactive session in times to come. Thank you again !!!
- Akash Singh, Bhilai, March 2017
Sir, the journey of the Sure shot session was amazing for me. It gave the experience of completing the first online course. Each session was designed beautifully, a lot hard work and dedication his PT team. I salute your vision. I love all the session I attempted session on the 'Brand India' I like the most. We got deep incentive on many current, global, economic issues. After knowing from the sessions the Experience of reading related articles in newspaper and magzine is really awesome and sublime I can't explain in words , and millions of thanks to PT's team and Sandeep sir. Your teaching style is so great that it become very much difficult to be refrain from your session, I just got habitual of them. And the greater thing is that you are providing this valuable material free of cost. A lot of effort is needed from my side to get maximum benefit, and I am trying my best and certainly we will make a beautiful society in our surrounding as guidance from GURU like u. love u..
- Chetan Kumar, Bilaspur, March 2017
Firstly from the core of my heart I would like to thanks respected Mr. Sandeep Madhuwane sir who start such a phenomenonal workshop and still doing on like bodhisameeksha, boodibhasha, and many more. The best part of sir is they are making us how to read and really sir you acheive this. Changes which I felt after attending 30 days 1.Earlier I used to read Hindu article I feel bored and not able to understand properly ,now I love to read and able to comprehend it. 2. Connecting the dots able to connect the things and now I am using this connecting dots. 3. Before session anything in world I say what I have to do ,now I read all Because of you sir now I know if anything happens in any corner of the world it will impact us . 4. In my life first time I read economic survey book having more than 300 pages and I love to read, credit goes to you sir because before I even never heard of this term. 5. I am able to making my own view (word limit exceed). Thank you so much sir
- Prashant Tiwari, Pune, March 2017
It is amazing experience with pt sure shot team. this course enables me to get broad knowledge of different topics in very short time!
- Gaurav Khandelwal, Jaipur, March 2017,,
I was not able to find any reliable and concrete source to prepare for GD,WAT and PI for IIM interviews.I consider myself as one of the luckiest ones who attended the series of awesome sessions. The way Sandeep Sir teaches and make even the complex subject simple is unique. He can make bring topic interesting. I liked the way he use to describe any topic not by just telling about the topic but also by connecting different dots and answering every ifs and buts. Thank you sir for giving me this opportunity to attend the session. Regards,
- Vinayak Kumar, Mumbai, March 2017,,
sir, the words fall short to describe your great work. as i used to zero in general awareness and current affair . but after watching bodhi saar videos since 2 months and this great sureshot gift and i use to vist boodhi booster site daily i really feel inbelievable change in my grip on issues and a clear and comprehensive perspective over different current issues. i am greatly thnkful to you and your hard working team... #hatsoff to u and ur team
- Suraj Kalouni, Delhi, March 2017,,
I am currently pursuing my MBA and am preparing for Job interviews. This total package is excellent and really gave me a lot of insights on various topics. I really salute to sir's knowledge on various topics and the way he presents. Overall it is a very good experience!
- Sri Rama Chandra Murthy Vadlamani, Jamshedpur, March 2017,,
This was an owesome experience with the pt team. The sessions were true knowledge boosters for me. The way of deliverance of sessions by sandeep sir can't be better than this. Thank you PT team for doing such a exquisite work for us.
- Lalit Suthar, Ahemdabad, March 2017,,
It was a wonderful experience. A wide range of topics were covered with excellent explanation. Look forward to remain associated with PT Education and learn more about various issues. Thank You!!
-  Aditya Vikram Shukla, Kolkata, March 2017,,
It was undoubtedly one of the most inspiring and mind blowing experience for me, not only in terms of knowledge enrichment, but also for my character building and confidence boosting. Bodhibooster and such initiatives by PT education Team will surely go long way and have a tremendous impact on the minds and hearts of youth of this country, which will ultimately make the India great again. Lots of love and best wishes to Sandeep Sir and his entire team. Thanks a lot. Jai Hind!
-  John Amir Himani, Gandhinagar, March 2017,,
This course helped me in many ways. The knowledge which Sandeep sir has helped us a lot as he could take us through a topic within 30 minutes and we would have a fair amount of data in our database(brain). The minute details which he use to give us during the lectures helped me answer some questions in my Combined Defence Services exam as well as in Air Force Common Admission Test. I would also like to thank the live-chat team; for they cleared our queries in a friendly way. In short, we got a lot of sky-high knowledge for FREE. PT-education ROCKS! :
-  Shubham Pacharne, Pune, February 2017
SureShot really helped me built my own perspective. I have been to 5 different interviews for different colleges for MBA program and the way theses resources helped me in GD and PI was incredible. Especially my technical aspects improved quite a lot. I could use a lot of facts to justify my answers and all these is because I have those facts thanks to the PT Education team. I watch Bodhi News also which when combined with the Sureshot really makes it a bonus. Thanks PT Education team for providing such quality services free of cost. It really meant a lot to me. Keep learning keep growing.
-  Ashish Agrawal, Raigarh, February 2017
Today, literally words are falling short to thanks the fantastic PT team and Sandeep Sir. I am a keen follower of all the happenings in the PT Universe. I am a part of bodhi family right from its inception, and its so wonderful to see my family grow exponentially. The tremendous knowledge Sandeep Sir have, is at par. For me he is my Guru , an institution in himself. Also I really appreciate the efforts of moderators during the live chats. PT's SureShot 30x30x30 is an oasis of excellence among the mediocre education system prevailing in India these days and a complete knowledge booster which will surely help the aspirants to build an overall perspective about various day-to-day happenings and to build a personality that will ensure that a candidate performs at par in their GD's, PI and in all the spheres of life. This program has helped me a lot to face top B-school's GD and PIT.hanks PT team for a commendable effort to share open portal of knowledge.Heartfelt thanks and wishes.Kudos !
-  Vikas Joshi, Mhow, February 2017
Firstly, i would like to thank you and your team from deep of my heart for doing such a great job for our country . From my side it was great experience. I thing i have got one of the great thing which will act as revolutionary in My self . Once again i would like to thank you .keep doing sir.....
-  Piyush Tyagi, Ghaziabad, February 2017
Bodhi booster has helped me in taking my knowledge to a next level.The knowledge revolution started by sandeep sir had surely helped many more like me . I definitely know that i will crack my gd and pi because the knowledge which sir has given us will let us fulfilling our dreams. Thanks sir for providing this .I hope that this knowledge revolution will continue like this and we will get some new things also from you
-  Sachin Sharma, Chandigarh, February 2017

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